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Engaging People, Optimizing Processes, and Leveraging New Technologies

The concepts are easy to grasp, yet every company experiences pain due to unsuccessful change initiatives, broken business processes and failed technology projects.  No company is exempt from this phenomenon.  The right strategy is essential but the key to successful initiatives is getting the implementation right.


The Boise Consulting Group (TBCG) is a management consulting company that helps clients build value and improve financial performance by:

  • Developing and implementing new business models
  • Solving operational challenges
  • Improving business processes (Lean and Six Sigma)
  • Program management of large mission-critical initiatives
  • Achieving regulatory compliance
  • Implementing governance structures and processes
  • Executing effective crisis management
  • Optimizing security/loss prevention

Our consultants will work with you to isolate the root-causes of your problems and implement solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.  In addition to helping companies develop winning strategies, we work closely with them to implement solutions that achieve the desired results.  Because, what good is a strategy if it doesn't get implemented successfully?


In Healthcare?  Yes, we have great Healthcare experience!

We welcome new clients forming Practice Transformation Networks (PTNs)!


Regardless of the industry, we offer our clients winning solutions at extremely competitive rates.  All of our consultants have more than 20 years of industry experience and have succeeded at the executive level.  Experience does make a difference!


"TBCG delivered real value and results to my technical operation.  I utilized their consulting services for a number of years to assist my leadership team in developing and applying best practices to my organization; streamlining our operation and providing increased transparency.  Their approach, style, and technical expertise were the right combination for solving the most complex business challenges."  Former Utility CIO


"I have worked with many excellent consultants over the years.  When it comes to crunch time I call The Boise Consulting Group because I can count on them to deliver results.  TBCG is truly "plug and play" for me when I need results that I can trust."  Christopher Barron, Former CIO CPS Energy