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We are very client-centric.

The Boise Consulting Group (TBCG) was founded as Boise Business Consulting, Inc. in 2002 by Mark Winkler.  Although we started in Boise, Idaho we now offer a broad range of management consulting services to clients nationally, thanks to our diverse and talented team of consultants.

We differentiate ourselves from other consulting companies in two key areas.

Our first area of differentiation is our people skills.  We are more hands-on than our competitors and we make it a habit to have positive interactions with our clients and their employees.  We work very well with people and build positive long-term relationships.  We take the worry out of bringing outside consultants in to work with your team.

Our second area of differentiation is our penchant for positive results.  The fun part about our job is helping our clients succeed.  That is what we really enjoy doing.  No matter what your project, we will only be satisfied after you have achieved measurable positive results.  That is why we prefer to be involved on the implementation side of our client's projects versus just making recommendations.

Recommendations don't solve problems -- successful projects do!

We are the team to call when your large change initiative or project has to succeed.  Along with our specific consulting skills, we bring a high level of energy and a positive approach to every engagement.  We realize the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Our commitment to you as a client is that we will always act in your company's best interest and we will always produce positive results.  That is who we are.  We actually care about you and your company's success.