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You have questions. We have answers.

Q: What are your fees?

A: We work with each client individually to determine the fee structure.  We are very flexible in this area.  We work on an hourly basis, project basis and a retainer basis.  We also do engagements where the fees are tied to defined metrics.  It really depends on the work involved and the client’s preference.

Q: Do you work with privately owned businesses?

A: Yes, working with privately-held family-owned businesses is one of our specialties.  We do a great job keeping everyone’s interests in mind.

Q: Do you work with large corporations?

A: Yes, we work with Fortune 500 companies.

Q: Do you work on turnarounds?

A: Yes, we will work closely with you to improve your bottom line in a timely manner.

Q: What coaching services do you offer?

A: Some business owners and corporate executives are searching for insight and guidance but don’t have access to a mentor or coach.  Coaching is a very personal thing.  You have to trust the person and respect him before he can be your coach.  TBCG is passionate about helping people succeed at work and in life.  Whether you want to talk about your career or you just want to discuss a specific problem at work, we are here to help you.

Q: What is performance management?

A: It is employee performance planning, coaching and appraisal.  It should lead to more productive, motivated and happier employees if done properly.  We help companies implement best practices and implement online tools to make the process painless and effective.

Q: Do you provide services outside of Boise?

A: Yes, our name has Boise in it but we have no geographic boundaries when it comes to providing services to our clients.  The larger markets find our fee structure very attractive.

Q: What training do you offer?

A: Most of our training is customized to meet individual client’s needs.  If we don’t have expertise in the required area we can refer you to a company that does or subcontract the training for you.  We are very good at evaluating training programs and ensuring the desired outcome is achieved.  Training for training’s sake doesn’t make good business sense.  Training should be targeted with a specific return on investment in mind.